Rome Pinsa

Peckish after all that walking and sightseeing ? Maybe something a little less hard to digest?IMG_3108

Of course you can swan into a fancy restaurant and pay swanky prices. However Rome is replete with good tasty food at a fair price. Heaven for children as, naturally, pizza abounds everywhere. But for us even tastier was the pinsa. Now to you and  me it resembles a small pizza. But small differences are expounded by the locals. Small  flat bread topped with cheese, cured meat and tomato sauce, but still it definitely isn’t pizza. We ate ours in a small bar strike cafe just down from our hotel.

Yes the chairs were red plastic. And yes the tables white plastic that moved and shuddered when in contact with an over zealous child. But the food was super. Pinsa in any flavour you want, and even one with potato and fish on it which was to die for! The place bustled with locals so we knew it had their seal of approval. Great value from about 3 euro. Go to the small markets and load up on the tastiest oranges ever, and lots of other fresh fruit or have them whipped up into a super healthy smoothie.

IMG_3401 (2)


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