Base Camp Rome


It always sounds easy, doesn’t it? Get off the coach at the train terminal. Check. Take luggage from coach stowage as if in a Rugby Union scrum. Good. MacDonald’s spotted so the children were fed. Great. Then a spot of aimless wandering and staring at GPS and maps in an effort to become orientated. Hold the thought that this is for a  man who can become lost in a shopping centre/mall with signs in English! Downloading Here Maps  and pre-loading Rome to avoid charges helped.  My phone running out of power did not!

Then look at a sign that says Via Cavour, ignore it and set off one block further down.Why? Then it starts to rain, it being the end of January. Lovely. The streets were warren-like, but eventually the Hotel hove into view. The Virgilio on Via Palermo. No taxi, no local help, our own efforts come to fruition. Footsore, wet but satisfied.

The Virgilio is just fine for the budget we had set ourselves. The staff were friendly and competent. The rooms were clean and unimaginatively decorated, and not too recently, either. The bathroom had a window that just wouldn’t close to snugly. But a hop and a skip and  a hot shower drove away the chill.The hotel has wi-fi, great for the children and for us when planning our forays into Rome. All on foot. Comfortable trainers and thick insoles were to be sorely tested! Breakfast is served in a small, possibly former cellar, with  a small bar for the thirsty morning people. The food was standard fayre, but everything was clean and you could eat as much as you wished. All in all an adequate base camp for our purposes.






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