Travelling with children and technology

Much denigrated by those of an older disposition. Often maligned as the cause of increasing laziness among young people. Hold fire a moment and wind back the tape.Do you remember tape? Anyway,  whether sitting in a car for long periods of time as you forge a non-ecological path across Europe? Ensconced at an airport with children complaining of boredom, sulking and generally exhibiting surly behaviour? Or simply trying to finish dinner in peace and quiet?

Fear not for there is a remedy! Place in the hand of a recalcitrant child an ipad, iphone, tablet (non-swallowing), laptop or notebook and note the difference in a jiffy.Add a smidgin of headphone technology to the recipe and a veritable nirvana descends on the family group. Their tongues become still as they stare, trance like, at screens, play music, skim through photos or surf the net.

Such technology gives everyone some much needed down time and all round rest.Just don’t forget the chargers, adapters and abstain from wi-fi free zones at your peril!


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