Cycle Trip


Off we set for a drive of about 30 minutes to Kruklanki, specifically to Lake/jezioro Gołdopiwo, piwo means beer in Polish:-) Utilizing our new cycle rack, manufactured by Thule, hopefully not as in ”Thule be sorry.”

The route is roughly, and unevenly, about 15km around this beautiful lake. With temperature around 15 degrees and rain in the offing, we just about had the entire ride to ourselves. The  way is sand and meanders through wonderful lush countryside and swamp lands, too.


We rode through the fields and round the lake to the accompaniment of frogs, birds and the song of the wind. In some places natural erosion has eaten away at the roots of great fir trees, leaving their roots exposed to the elements. Bad for the tree but good for us to look at, though.


Even a heavy rain squall, and hailstones didn’t dampen our spirits!


A great ride almost entirely too ourselves, good exercise and a guaranteed appetite builder.




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