Cycle Trip Saturday


The plans are laid with meticulous inaccuracy. A new bicycle is in town and it needs to be broken in, hopefully ‘broken’ not being the operative word. A funky black bike with light blue trim, a  Kross Black Edition 7.1, which I know is important for some people:-) Now bare in mind we are dealing with a technological leap of immense proportions. For one, the brakes work! I mean with a 10 second time frame. Amazing. It has forks that actually absorb bumps, not transfer them directly in shuddering fashion to my gently ossifying joints.The gears work, they don’t leave my legs windmilling aimlessly. New bike, same body so maybe you have spotted the achilles heel in this set up?

The plan involves refitting our new Thule bike rack for three cycles, and one young ladies bike in the boot, with one small section of the rear seats laid flat. This will mean both children being pushed up next to each other. No  problem there, I’m sure! On our circuit of the same lake we checked out last we will stop for a campfire.The crackling of wood and  roasting of sausages and bread are all in the plan. Sausages are apparently a very old form of food for humankind. Thank God ours will be modern with lots of reassuring additives an E numbers, and don’t forget the ketchup.


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