Has Beans


For many in the world going to a restaurant is a joy, a time for good food, good company  in amiable surroundings. So with so much taken for granted, the last thing you need is for the restaurant to take its customers for a ride. A local restaurant recently served the above dish. The menu boasted that it was ‘Salmon served in a spicy Thai sauce with white rice’.

So much for words. The salmon was dry and curling at its edges, the only moist part being that covered by the accompanying sauce. Ah, the sauce. From which packet it was poured remains unknown, and whoever’s idea it was of calling it spicy must have had all their taste buds removed at birth. It was bland, it would have won 1st place in the International Blandeness Competition on World Bland Day. You get the drift. And the beans, refried, rehashed, re-done and simply from crispy fresh beans the dirge that was served was more akin to ‘has beans’. The rice actually passed muster.

The restaurant’s prices are going up, the quality down, and the quality starved punters still go through the door, all but this partcular customer in future. Bon Appetit, Not!



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