Beware the Purple Arrow of the GPS

This way folks, follow me!IMG_2724

Last year navigating around towns in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy could sometimes be problematic. This year reinforcements have arrived in the shape of a Garmin GPS, whhch will supplement Here Maps which we used last year.

As Roger McKinlay from  the Royal Institution of Navigation pointed out, reliance on GPS systems nullifies our own innate ability to orientate ourselves. Not too hard for me. Now back to the Garmin, which  sits proudly atop the high quality plastic dash. Then it happens, swittched on it displays a purple arrow that has mesmorizing properties. Really, just give it the odd glance now and again lest you be drawn into its spiral of control! But as a device for navigating alien towns and cities it is great. Just do not ask for the shortest route to somewhere because it will send you up dirt tracks and into the wilderness. Then you must ask the cows for directions! See above.

The aforementioned Here Maps was good as you can download all the maps you need, for free and then store them in your memory. They can then be used abroad, but without the uplink for which you have to pay. Useful and it works, but again within its own limitations. So people, use the technology, but use the best computer in the world, too, the one between your ears.

Now how do I get out of here?


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