Set Controls for the Heart of the Tolerant


Off soon, on the road, holiday road-trip starts as soon as we load  up and ship out. Headin’ across Poland to Słubice/Frankfurt Oder. After that Baden Baden and then down to the south of France. A beautiful, warm cultural area of France and of wider Europe. Down to football land! So what the hell, when did football get so completely overtaken by fascists? Don’t get me wrong, I like football. Idiots and drunks always, but fascists! Even worse when national leaders side with hooligans, then we know things are going to the dogs. Hopefully as the family sidles into town the idiots have left or are at least under some control by the French authorities. I’m sure speaking English won’t be a problem.

Travel. It’s all the rage. Hats off to those that find a way to do it. Whether it is the travel or the arriving, it puts a little bit more into our soul, our repository of experience and makes us more human. Calcification is a no, no people. Just listening to the Black Crows, saw them live in London man years ago, wicked set and great carpet. Anyway, do you think that travel really opens the mind enough? If you can, try living and working abroad, especially if the language is totally alien. It is hard, it is a learning curve, but when you visit home you realise (spell check wants a Z,  but I say NO) how much you have moved on , and those at home, well, they haven’t. Simple.

Can’t wait to breathe the same  air and see the same light as van Gogh, to watch the majesty of the Camargue to visit all those petrol stations for the first time.  To ignore the signs for nudist beaches, shocking! Now a bit of Led Zeppelin is playing, ‘Does anybody remember laughter’? Not so dusty;-)


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