Gawkers,Walkers and the End of Fashion.




Time has slipped away from me. The start of a new school year  has has completely absorbed all my time. From the lessons, the day to day management of the business and people. Time has slipped away quicker than ever, thus making the weekends more precious. Where has the pleasure of a quiet summer stroll through Strasbourg gone?


A visit to an ancient Tartar cemetery was fascinating, whilst at the same time adding  to the clock ticking mode of thinking. Beautiful in a sad way, befitting the mood of solemnity as we slide inexorably into autumn.


So Whitby and Goth music beckons for a raucous weekend washed down with real ale and good old fashioned English grub all wrapped up in a spot of dressing up! Super. To stem the tide we are also getting away to London for a long weekend. Off to the National gallery for an exhibition of Caravaggio and luck in the Old Cheese, a pub dating back to  a building that pre-dated the Great Fire of London. Hope the beer and nosh are fresher.Hopefully time to also take in a renovated an old cinema in Regents Street. Glass roof and Edwardian plushness all rolled into one.

Took in two films yesterday. The hocus pocus of Tim Burton’s Peculiar Children, eyeballs for dinner! Then we watched Girl on a Train. Ludicrous plot completely ignoring any advances in forensic science and stretching credibility to the limit. Poor substitute for not going to a film festival in Warsaw. We cancelled as the price for a hotel, even out of season, has skyrocketed. 29951543322_7e695c320c_o.jpg

Please take me back to the colours of Orange and the sun of Provence. Please…