Whitby Steampunk and Goth Weekend


Managed to fly back to England for a long weekend. And quite frankly it exceeded our wishes and hopes. Picked up a slightly pricey hire car and sped from Newcastle down to Whitby. And first impressions played true for the whole visit. Asking a hire car company how to contact our  (different) own company bought an avalanche of Geordie helpfulness and smiles, even making the essential phone call for us. A

And Whitby. Fantastic, simply terrific. The colour and quirkiness of the outfits and the atmosphere was enlivening. True poseurs one and all they submitted gracefully, time after time, to requests for photos.


There were al variety of costumes and motorbikes fitted out as coffins, all a great laugh and pulled off beautifully by the vast majority. My personal thanks goes to the Dolphin Inn, Whitby, for serving me the most delicious bubble and squeak of my life.


Up the old ruined abbey, so photogenic and atmospheric, along with assorted ghouls, vampires and racy goths! The place positively reeked of  history, creaking doors and wonderfully bad intentions.


After Whitby we trolled off to Scarborough. Across the North Yorkshire Moors, carpeted in violet shrubbery (time for Monty Python quote?) was simply beautiful. The staff at the seafront bed and breakfast fell over themselves with smiles and helpfulness. Just the English breakfast needs tweaking. And the morning in Scarborough bought gale force winds. Problem? No way! It simply added to the ambience and made for a great march, I mean walk by the sea and round the town.


Thanks goes out to the Scarborough Arms for serving up great Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings. The area was fantastic, the Goth event wonderful to see and Yorkshire hospitality was first class! A great weekend, leant even more character by being out of season.

This week, back to London for ancient pubs, Caravaggio, museums and great clubs.