Dominican Republic

Who would of thought of meeting Santa on holiday. But here he was gearing up with a beautiful Gallic smile, to boot!

This was in Samana. Away from the all inclusive hordes in Punts Cana. But wait a moment. Samana was home to French and Italians do no local delicacies. Only pizza and pasta. Oh woe is civilization. But the place was wild. Looking for a boat to the beaches around the peninsula, a guy on a moped asked. Yeah, why not!

We agreed a fee and s time and the die was cast. As we walked to our boat we noticed other craft with tourists kitted out in life vests. Us? No such thing. We crowded in with assorted Spaniards and Germans and off we went. Then off we stopped. The outboard motor packed up. A few dainty blows with a mallet and off we went again. The boat was small, the waves were big and our intrepid skipper really had to pick his timing and soured of power to get us through. As the hull thudded down for the umpteenth time we thought how useful a life vest may well be!

It was fun, beautiful and wild. And we survived. But what a ride! Now, what pizza do you fancy?


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