Old Delhi Market

We want to walk we said. So we were dropped off a short distance from our destination, the market in this photograph.

Assailed by offers of rickshaws, we ploughed on. A very busy road separated us from the market. No problem, there’s a crossing with lights. Mistake. The drivers took about as much notice of the lights as when slapping a fly on their arms!

Jump, no dithering, dash, sidestep, sprint and across. Into the market we ploughed. The cacophony of the racetrack was replaced by the buying and selling of just about anything you want. Stalk after stall with people heaving in between. The sounds of music caught on the air and the ring ring of a rickshaw seeking a path through. From the top of steps, also used for selling, we looked out on a veritable sea of people. Behind us, at the tops of some steps, a large mosque added it’s own sounds to the mixture. No all inclusive hotel here! Munching on some deep fried snacks we snaked through this market mayhem up further to look out on everything from outside the mosque. A memorable assault on one’s senses!


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