Marrakesh Onwards

Couple of nights in Marrakesh before a whistle stop tour of Morroco. Have fallen in taste love with vegetarian tajin. Served hot and infused with ginger, all on a rooftop terrace. Great. We usually have a sense of direction, but the large souk has had us back and forth a few times. But the exercise is appreciated 🙂

So far I’ve had only 11 references to my, as they put it, Ali Baba beard! The central square, Jamal el Fna, is seemingly unchanged for hundreds of years. Sleepy snakes slither, cheeky monkeys pull at chains and peacocks regally ignore everyone. Their is a hub bub to buy, imbibe and try all and sundry.

Now laying in a hotel in Essouria. Only three hours drive by coach from Marrakesh. The local mosque and the seagulls vie for our attention from our open bedroom. Is it me, or are the seagulls trying to say something? The town, thus far, is a delight. Certainly less costly than Marrakesh. The buildings are resplendent in white, with blue doors, window frames and blinds. Their is the usual tourist mess. However the old town walks along the coast are great as are the views of the rocky coast from the battlements. The small boutique hotel is super. An inner courtyard has palm trees that stand up and above the rest of the structure. All set against a perfect blue sky.S


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