Book Lovers Day, Love Books

Books, books, booooks. Yes, love them. Feel them, smell them if new, bend them, squeeze them, parade them proudly on shelves or even just read them! Nothing better than to sit down and re-read Dickens at Christmas, laugh with Bryson, or well, whatever takes your fancy.

First book. I took it with me to my older brother’s engagement party, the Jabberwocky. I was really funky, not! I’ve flown through space, gone back to Europe before time in the Many Coloured Land, lived and breathed police work, read unfinished classics like The Good Soldier Svejk or drifted through ancient  Greece and seen the world of medieval Europe through the experiences of women, read Anglo-Saxon history, looked at American history as written by African Americans, and travelled around the globe, or learned of its inequalities with Chomsky, or been a vet on the Yorkshire moors. All in books. Much has been left out, but you get the idea. Books take me away. The finish of a good one leaves me panting for the next instalment.

I have to say a big thank you to my Father who always had a book to hand and  a tolerant soul. He gave me a love of books. Anyway enjoy your books, whatever takes your fancy, but read. Now I’m off back to Elizabethan England!