Smoothy of the Day


Today’s blended bacchanalian feast includes in no fixed order of preference

Spinach – big handfuls of it


Ginger (fresh)

Cows Juice (milk)


Natural Yoghurt

Spinach is full of iron which  moves oxygen around the body and  is also full of source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C. Vitamin K is important for healthy bones.Flaxseed is a super healthy combination of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, lignans and is high in fibre.

All in all healthy and a good way to get children to take in vitamins they normally shun in more traditional forms.




Breaking our Fast with Frittata


Something different for breakfast. For us (adults) we used eggs, spinach, garlic, pepper, salt and onion. Blended and into the oven for twenty minutes.

For the children, eggs, peas, ham as a casing at the bottom at the bottom,  mascarpone cheese, salt and pepper.

Super tasty!