Cheese pleez


What is the one food in your fridge that is never wasted? Never left till mushrooms pop up, or it turns green and evolves into a lower life form. For us, it’s cheese, cheese and cheese. Yellow, red, green full of nuts, bearing blue strata or just nice and smelly.Cheese pleez!

Predating even fridges, yes that ancient, cheese has always been with us. In France the cheese was great. Whole sections were set aside for this product in homage like manner. We would buy about eight unknown varieties and sit down with a fresh French stick and a glass of red vinegar for a tasting. Wonderful. Only one cheese was beyond hope. Upon opening it a safe containment zone was imposed. Essentially me running it out of the room at speed. Strong is not the word! The rest was delicious.

Cheese for the uninitiated comes from, milk. What did the first man to milk a cow think he was doing? Anyway, cheese is to to be savoured with relish. Even some scientists are swinging back round to saying that its health benefits outweigh the negatives. Bless them.Let not a day pass without cheese, for that will be a sad day.

Now its time for a tasty toasted cheese sarnie. Smacznego:-)



Smoothy of the Day


Today’s blended bacchanalian feast includes in no fixed order of preference

Spinach – big handfuls of it


Ginger (fresh)

Cows Juice (milk)


Natural Yoghurt

Spinach is full of iron which  moves oxygen around the body and  is also full of source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C. Vitamin K is important for healthy bones.Flaxseed is a super healthy combination of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, lignans and is high in fibre.

All in all healthy and a good way to get children to take in vitamins they normally shun in more traditional forms.



Afternoon Sweet Treat


Apple fritters as a treat for the family this afternoon.

Usual ingredients – eggs, flour, pinch of salt and not too much sugar. And mix. Slice apples and peel then dip in mixture and fry in olive oil until golden. Into a preheated oven for 20 minutes.

Coat with icing sugar and throw on some blueberries. Blueberries are a great anti-oxidant, soource of viatamin K and C, and simply taste scrumptious.

This has been devoured with a cup of Rosie Lee, with a splash of cows juice.

Simply enjoy.


Cycling and Sustenance

Today we did about 50km by bike. Now I know, to some that is a nothing. But this was not like how the crow flies. I’m talking about rain sodden country paths churned by tractors. Paths so narrow that the leaves keep thwacking into you, and roots so old and shiny that tires side slip on them. It was tiring, and basically it went to build up an appetite.

Gratefully we hauled into a small old boat on a lake, grandly called a barque, for a spot of lunch just as the heavens poured their generosity on us once again. First up was foie gras  – goose, which was okay.IMG_2637

For the wife the starter was a lot better, tasty spicy chicken. Selflessly I helped her with it;-)


Next up for me Lamb chops. Tasty but a cream dressing or even a gravy was substituted by the overuse of oil. But all in all tasty.


For the apple of my eye sandacz, which was served with a very hot spicy sauce. Delicious!


All in all a tasty repast which helped us back on our way, and which we burned off and arrived home, again just before the rain. All in all a beautiful ride and good vittles.



Skateboard Fun and Smoothie


I am going to savour breakfast today, which will consist of the following delicious ingredients, mango, spinach, banana, flaxseed and milk. A combination loaded with Vitamin. C and antioxidants. More pertinently, scrumptious as well.

But I am kind of lucky to be having breakfast at home this mornin’ at all. As a tragedy almost played out before my road-trip gets going. Around 7.50pm yesterday evening young lady comes home full of fun and stories, just shedding possessions as she walks and talks. One possession, unbeknownst to me, was her Fiszka, a small fishtail shaped skateboard.

Bright orange with purple and wheels, you can’t miss it. Well actually you can.  On a few recent occasions I have been invited by young lady to get on the  skateboard/fiszka  and try it out. Take it from me, it is very fast and simply shot out from under my foot. I stated that I would be going nowhere near the contraption, thank you very much!

How wrong I was. Last night all were abed and one of my duties is to check the front door i locked. This I have done on numerous occasions, in the dark, quietly and safely. But last night the fiszka/skateboard lay in wait. One moment I was edging toward the door, the next my foot was in great pain and I was falling backwards.I had connected with the board, kicked it and half-trodden on it. I hobbled away, under immense self -control, and after explaining my accident took my bruised foot to bed.

The fiszka/skateboard is sitting and lookng at me this mornin’ almost with an air of, next time, next time;-) So that is how I can sit here and still enjoy me delicious smoothie breakfast with just a dull ache as a reminder.Beware the skateboard in the dark. You have been warnedIMG_0314



Pulpeta, Meat Balls in Sauce


Yesterday was Meat Free Day. Today is not. Most of the time I get by on smoothies, rolls and enough cheese to gain me an honary diploma from Jerry of Tom and Jerry fame. But today I needed something else. Off to the local eater for large meatballs full of flavour and covered in lashings of wonderful creamy sauce. A tasty creamy carrot salad and a piece of passing lettuce that was recruited at the last minute. Very tasty. Now, where is that cheese?

Has Beans


For many in the world going to a restaurant is a joy, a time for good food, good company  in amiable surroundings. So with so much taken for granted, the last thing you need is for the restaurant to take its customers for a ride. A local restaurant recently served the above dish. The menu boasted that it was ‘Salmon served in a spicy Thai sauce with white rice’.

So much for words. The salmon was dry and curling at its edges, the only moist part being that covered by the accompanying sauce. Ah, the sauce. From which packet it was poured remains unknown, and whoever’s idea it was of calling it spicy must have had all their taste buds removed at birth. It was bland, it would have won 1st place in the International Blandeness Competition on World Bland Day. You get the drift. And the beans, refried, rehashed, re-done and simply from crispy fresh beans the dirge that was served was more akin to ‘has beans’. The rice actually passed muster.

The restaurant’s prices are going up, the quality down, and the quality starved punters still go through the door, all but this partcular customer in future. Bon Appetit, Not!


Wind in Hair and Insects in Mouth


Every new adventure into the realm of a long day’s cycling starts with a good breakfast. Cut up garlic and reduce in a pan with tinned tomatoes,  tomato puree, fresh oregano and basil. Slice up some French bread and coat the French bread with the sauce. Top the bead with fresh sliced tomato, and add a generous topping of Mozzarella cheese. Then bake for about 15 minutes, sprinkle with chives and serve with a good cup of coffee.


Next, drive to the forest of Puszcza Borecka. Such a forest must have welcomed and enveloped the ill fated Roman 17th Legion led by Varus. Hopefully we were going to have a better outcome! In we cycled under a canopy of green.  Quiet and peace met us. Nobody else. But the forest is full of life.

We had the sun on our faces, the wind in our hair and the insects in my teeth. What is it about Polish insects, especially mosquitoes?? Put me in a group of people and they are safe, for the insects home in on me. Guaranteed. Birds flew across right in front of me, a black and golden butterfly shared space with me for a few wonderful seconds and dragonfly blazed a little to close. The forest is alive. As we trundled through one open area and back into cover  we heard an animal that we had startled. Usually we don’t see it, but this time to my elation a deer bucked and bounded into the forest only a few feet from us.I was over the moon and had no chance to reach my packed camera.However the memory will stay with me forever.

On we went, seemingly always wending our way upwards. My wife wanted to show me some Zubr, or Bison to you and me. Unfortunately the park wasn’t open yet, but the facilities at the gate were good so we took some saddle weary time out for our sarnies. Now I am sure that Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’, was written by a cyclist who was feeling similar to me!


 On we went a terrific hubbub made us pull over. A swampy area was positively throbbing noisily to the songs of frogs or toads singing in harmony.


We had ridden for over 30km, I allow a few more kilometers for the uphill parts. Then it was off for home in time for Tiffin!



The Black Swan -Czarny Łabędź

Travels and Things


After a lot of cycling a good meal was in order, so we headed further out to the Czarny Łabędz or Black Swan to sate our rumbling stomachs.

IMG_0474IMG_0466Inside is a little dark, and a little bit to much in the way of old furniture and bits and bobs.


Each to their own. But the service was good and the food very tasty. And what was it?

IMG_0479                                                                              Klepaniec

Essentially a large meat ball, full of flavour and moist, with potatoes, creamed carrots and cabbage, cabbage which tasted a lot better than it sounds! All round  a good effort and  thoroughly enjoyed.


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