The Black Swan -Czarny Łabędź


After a lot of cycling a good meal was in order, so we headed further out to the Czarny Łabędz or Black Swan to sate our rumbling stomachs.


IMG_0466Inside is a little dark, and a little bit to much in the way of old furniture and bits and bobs.


Each to their own. But the service was good and the food very tasty. And what was it?



Essentially a large meat ball, full of flavour and moist, with potatoes, creamed carrots and cabbage, cabbage which tasted a lot better than it sounds! All round  a good effort and  thoroughly enjoyed.




Oberza pod psem-Oberza under the dog

Located 30 minutes drive along narrow roads through the heart of a forest near Mikołaki, lies Oberza. A small timber built seasonal restaurant dispenses traditional fayre. As it was busy the only available seat was on the aged timber balcony. A sofa swathed in a blanket and looking suspiciously like the dog’s place! But beggars can’t be choosers and at least it was warm!IMG_0155

Spizarnia. The Reckoning

FullSizeRenderMain courses of steak au gratin and marinated pork land on the table. The steak is passable with a sharp knife and the supporting celery  The wife had a stab at the chop, but again found the dressing it slightly too sweet. All in all the ambience and sophistication of the restaurant was good. But apart from the soup and the bespotted dolls, the food, whilst still edible, didn’t quite come up to expectations.  IMG_0120

Spizarnia Warminska

Then on with the food. But first a brief interlude, well actually quite a long interlude. The worthy ethos of the restaurant is eco-friendliness. Great. Cool. But as we try to digest the relatively short menu, the waiter goes into his ‘where everything is grown’ and ‘how the food is prepared mode.’ Worthy but a little overlong. Food ordered and the place is looking good. Modern and clean with pots of herbs sprouting from numerous vantage points. The menu we saw was not ‘child’ friendly, but apparently they have chips and pizza tucked away somewhere!IMG_0099