Roadtrip Nice Thru’ to Verdon Gorge

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Onwards McDuff. Meandered along the coast to Cannes. I guess we were expecting something a bit cheap, gaudy and classless. Well, that was reserved for Monaco. Cannes was a real delight. Of course expensive, especially as young man had an ice-cream obsession, where can I sell my next kidney? But a place  with a lovely ambience and wonderful streets to peruse back away from the seafront. Wealthy yes, but not tawdry like Monaco. The beach was great for the children, of all ages, with beautiful views along the bay in both directions.

Then we made our way to Nice which was very nice. The horror that would unfold there the next week was unimaginable. Again a wonderful place to spend time and simply take in the atmosphere. This included swimming, splashing and blowing up inflatables until I had cheeks as red as a lobster! All good fun in other words…

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Catching Up

This gentleman was in a favela in Mandawa, India. Surrounded by dilapidated grandeur, he sat in blissful repose, completely engrossed in his paper. The joy of reading , happily alone.


How serene is serenity. The answer is Pushkar. The town wraps this sacred lake in its protective and reverent embrace. As night fell, the bells rang out and colours and shapes fused beautifully.


The ornate beauty of architecture in Delhi. A world away from the hustle and bustle in the seething streets. This shaded colonnade graced Mughals and later, imperialist administrators too.