Vivacious Verona Bathed in Sun



Road Trip Verona



All aboard and off to Verona, which for us took about  30 minutes from Bardolino. As one of those quirks in life, we went one way and paid a toll, later returning another way toll free! Gliding in to Verona we were met by the vision of a beautiful town. No wonder Julius Caeser used to come here for some down time. Down one of the main thoroughfares we decided to park the car in a facility on the main street, which was built into and under the housing above. This afforded much needed shade, and a colourful owner. He told us that recently his garage had been a temporary home for 30 red Ferrari’s. Deciding that he had mafia connections I promised myself to pay the ticket without argument.


The Roman amphitheatre sits at the central hub of a series of streets that radiate spoke like from its hub. An opera and all its paraphernalia littered the area around one part of the amphitheatre. A short tale exemplifies how easy it is to navigate Verona.

Young lady said she had left her ipad in the car. Everyone looked at me. I had to walk back the 20-25 minutes to the car park. Now this for a man who can get lost at home! With a Captain Oates,”I am just going outside and may be some time” type farewell I set off. Found the car, got the ipad and returned. My smile of triumph as I returned within the same solar year was met by stony faces. But why, was my clothing awry again?


It was here that life taught us another lesson, a lesson combining technology, children and intellectual property. My wife took a picture of young lady, without her permission and much to her chagrin. Mum wanted to show that she had taken a beautiful picture and reassuringly handed the camera to her little lady, who duly fumbled and prodded at buttons in a flurry of digits and prodding. Result? Every photo deleted, lost gone like dust in the wind. All the holiday photos on that device to date. Happiness! Ask before taking pictures and think hard again before handing over said camera đŸ˜‰

Wandering around Verona we happened on a market and bought delicious fresh fruit, at and devoured the fruit and the ambience. The heat and the architecture and ambling around the Piazza’s was wonderful. IMG_2227

Hey! What about Romeo and Juliet? Well yes, we went there, forging a path through the crowds. All very touristy, dubious in its validity and well, the photo tells the story. There is less physical argy- bargy in a Rugby Union scrum. No time to savour the place, people just wanted their photo ‘look where I have been moment’.