I exist, therefore I am…an Internaut!

The world changed 25 years ago. As with all the truly revolutionary changes, it wasn’t really noted. However with amazing rapidity this technological phenomenon has swept around the world. I use the internet everyday, and it has bought me a wealth of information and experiences as well as new and interesting people to read about, and sometimes share a little bit of their lives, too.

Living abroad I would be lost without the internet, and for those journeying around our planet backpacking it is a boon. As a boy I remember rainy Sundays in England with nowt to do. What a joy the internet would have been! Homework, copy and paste;-)

Hopefully corporatism and fascism of any of its varying hues you wish to choose, will not devour and corrupt the internet.

Happy internaut day, wherever you are.

Just how do I use my legs?