A Taste of Tartar

The new school year has absorbed my time and emotions, but now it has settled into its own pattern. This means I have had time for a little trip. Off we toddled to a village near Bialystok on the Russian border called Kruszyniany. The uniqueness of this village lies in the fact that it is Tartar.  The Tartar have been living in this village and area since the 17th century.

There is a small timber mosque. To be honest, if you swapped the crescent on the roof for a cross, it would all look the same. A small restaurant in the village serves (supposedly) Tartar food. I have to say that it was delicious. We all ordered something different. I plumped for the a Meat Layer Cake. Spiced meat in a crispy pastry, which was very tasty, if a little hard to cut through! It really reminded meat of a British dish!!img_2883

The wife went for, what to me, was essentially braising steak with spicier meat. Again good plain but tasty fayre.img_2884

Young man chose a pie which encased spicy meat. Memories of an overly large Cornish pasty drifted into my English mind. Filling and tasty.


After this we strolled of to the ancient cemetery with someone of the stones weathered into rumps of stone pointing jaggedly from the earth. Names that are considered  mainstream Polish showed there origins lay in the Tartar community. Many After this we headed for civilization and a film called ‘Les Saissons’. A wonderful film about he loves of animals in the west of Europe with stunning photography. Good to have some time for ourselves. The great bonus was that the cinema did not serve popcorn. Fantastic as far as I’m concerned.


Portrait of a bearded old man in Bogor — Joshi Daniel Photography

A bearded old keychain seller in Bogor Botanical Garden, Indonesia. Here is your chance to win an all expenses paid trip for two to Bali. Take the Quiz Now at http://wonderful.indonesia.travel/tripofwonders/ Thankful to Wonderful Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism for a great opportunity to see Indonesia. If you would like to buy a […]

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A friend in disguise!!! — Untraveled Routes

There is something about the ‘Moon’ and it’s crowning splendor!! Whenever I peek out from the window it’s there!! When I go out for a walk, it’s there. It’s always there with me!! Waiting for me to step out and let my chi calm. It seems it keeps inviting me to spend some time with […]

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Memories of Flying in Cuba

Off to Cuba in 1999.  Flew one day late due to engine problems. Should of seen it as a sign. Arrived in Havana and mooched around. For me it was a delight. For the locals a nightmare stuck in time. Remember one shop, a chemists, with only vinegar for sale.

Onwards and another flight. Driven out to an airport that an Estate Agent/Realtor would call ‘’well lived in.’’ There was a plane, shiny and modern. A list of names tramped out and boarded the gleam machine. I waited. Next airplane. Older but relatively new and smaller. Another list, but not for me. Then I spied a relic being towed to  museum or knackers yard. No, wait a minute, it’s stopping. It stopped outside the departure lounge. Departure seemed to take on a new meaning. Everyone left was beckoned onto the relic. An ancient Antonov, probably from the 1950s love festival between Castro and the U.S.S.R.

As we approached the Wright brothers reject an engineer was tapping the nose cone with a mallet. Nervous laughter. On we climbed. The seats gently in their brackets and Russian accompanied Spanish instructions. Gunning the engine outrageously, the pilot got us airborne.

As we straightened out the cabin began to fill with smoke. The steward ran up the aisle to assure us it was harmless and from the old air conditioning  system. More nervous laughter, and a large rum, please. As I sat in the window seat I decided to watch and pray. Then to my dismay a flame shot back out of the engine. A couple of people said, ooh and one person screamed. The steward tried allay our fears by stating that on these engines, ‘’it was normal.’’ He needed to try harder. Well we landed and it was time for a large rum..Return flight to Havana was at night, in a thunderstorm on the same aircraft. It was a very, very quite flight.